How the Supplier Portal works

First off, you register your products in the Supplier Portal. Our chefs then select ingredients among the registered products and compose meals for our meal boxes. If your products are selected by our chefs, you will receive an order from us. When you have delivered the ordered products, you will receive feedback regarding quantity and quality. You can upload your invoice prior to delivery, or wait until you have received our feedback.
  • Registration
  • Selection
  • Ordering
  • Delivery
  • Feedback and finance

Registering your products in the Supplier Portal

Fruit and vegetables are registered on a weekly basis on the 'Registration' page. Deadline for submitting fruit and vegetable registrations is Monday 1:00 PM in the week preceding the week of shipment. Once you have submitted the registrations, they will be visible on the 'Submitted products' page.

Meat and poultry, grains, condiments and other products with long-term availability should be registered on the 'Assortment' page.

If you have any questions regarding how to register your products, please contact your contact person at Aarstiderne or email us at

Selecting products for Aarstiderne's meal boxes

Every week, Aarstiderne offers a selection of the products submitted to the portal to our chefs. Selected products will be marked with a padlock icon on the 'Submitted products' page. Please note, that the padlock icon is not a guarantee that you will receive an order for the product.

Our chefs compose meals for our meal boxes from the selection of submitted products. Deadline for our chefs to choose ingredients is Wednesday 11:00 AM.

Managing your orders and getting feedback on your deliveries

During Thursday you will receive an order for your products if they have been chosen by our chefs. Your orders from Aarstiderne will be visible on your 'Orders' page.

Each order has the following subpages:
  • Order details
  • Delivery
  • Quality
  • Finance

Order details

The order itself can be found on the 'Order details' page. On this page, you can review the order, print the purchase order, print the pallet note, and upload your delivery note, when you ship your delivery.


As we start receiving your delivery, you will get access to information about the received quantities on the 'Delivery' page.


All received products undergo a quality inspection. On the 'Quality' page you will get access to the quality ratings of your products.


Your invoice can be uploaded on the 'Finance' page immediately after you ship your delivery. If you wait until we have received your delivery, we will provide you with information about the received quantities and the quality of your products. That will give you more accurate data for your invoice and will minimize the need for credit notes.

Keeping track of your agreements

Suppliers who have entered into a contract with Aarstiderne can access information about the content of their agreements on the ‘Agreements’ page. The page provides you with data that makes it easy to keep track of the delivered quantities.

Setting your preferences

All of the Supplier Portal's functions and menu items might not be relevant to you. You can hide the menu items that you do not use by editing the settings on your profile page.

Manage your top navigation settings on your profile page